More Parts To Pick and Just Junk It

Limited Parts Warranty:

The purchaser acknowledges that the part is sold AS IS and assumes all risks, unless a warranty has been specified.  The warranty is purchased and is valid for the first 60 days.  An extension of the warranty will be at an additional cost and to be determined cost and days by seller should the customer request it.  If normal use of part or service within these terms, fails, seller will repair the part, furnish a replacement part or refund the purchase for the part, after one of our preferred shops has inspected it, and will be subject to the following exception list.  By purchasing this part, the purchaser agrees that these remedies shall be complete and absolute.


  • Unless something other has been noted on the invoice/receipt, the warranty will expire 60 days after the purchase date. Any claim made after this period will not be covered under warranty
  • Parts will be returned to seller in same condition it was sold.
  • Must have proof of purchase. e., paid invoice or receipt.
  • Must verbalize and notify the seller of any defective engine assemblies, axle assemblies and defective transmissions
  • An engine assembly consists of a short block and head{s}. Additional parts that have been left on the engine for the purchaser’s convenience are not covered under warranty.  The purchaser to use these additional parts at their discretion.
  • Engines and transmissions must be installed by an A.S.E certified mechanic with the appropriate tools for installation.

Warranty does not cover the following.

  • Labor
  • Purchaser’s loss of time, inconvenience, loss of vehicle, towing, installation, commercial loss or consequential damages.
  • Fluids, gaskets or other material or parts used in the installation of the parts purchased.
  • Parts used for anything other than the original intentions.
  • Racing, commercial use, off road or any conditions that the part would inhere normal wear and tear.
  • Engines and cylinder heads have heat tab installed on them. If the center of the heat tab is melted, the part has overheated. The result of the overheating, accident, abuse, alteration, neglect, improper maintenance or improper installation are not covered under the warranty.

Mileage is not guaranteed or certified.


When purchasing an engine, More Parts to Pick, warrants that the parts of its engine to be free of defects for a period of 60 days, unless stated otherwise on the invoice/receipt at the time of sale.  Parts covered are the engine block, cylinder head, camshaft, connecting rods, piston rings, bearings, valve lifters, crankshaft, oil pump and rocker arms.  Not included in the warranty of an engine are water pump, fuel components, all electrical parts, lines, hoses, intake and exhaust manifolds, fuel injector pumps, and all other fuel injection and external parts.  Calibration and adjustment of excluded parts is not included in this warranty.  Must install new oil and filter, or warranty will be voided.



When purchasing a transmission, More Parts T Pick, warrants that the transmission is free of defects for 60 days, unless stated otherwise on the invoice/receipt at the time of sale.  Parts covered are the transmission case and all internal parts including the torque converter.  Not included are the flywheel, transmission mounts, shifting linkage, and all external parts.  The warranty will be voided if new front and rear main seals are not sealed.